Who is StanCERA

The Stanislaus County Employees’ Retirement Association (StanCERA) is a public employee retirement system that serves the employees and retirees of Stanislaus County, California, and certain other participating agencies within the county. StanCERA manages retirement and pension funds, investments, and related benefits for eligible members.


During a multi-year contracting relationship with StanCERA, IST has provided reliable consulting and technical services, assisting our client in maintaining their continuous business operations. Our subject matter experts advised and coordinated core system innovation and transformation processes. Experienced database developers and administrators monitored and remedied incoming payroll data on demand, ensuring integrity and alignment with retirement benefit plans. To safeguard the organizational digital assets and personal information, our highly skilled cybersecurity specialists took proactive measures to evaluate cyber vulnerabilities and deploy important security patches.


With the rapidly evolving technological demands, StanCERA encountered new challenges where they had to restructure business operational systems, and unify and reconcile multiple data sources into one main data warehouse. IST provided technical assistance and professional guidance to successfully complete the modernization process, and migrate legacy data to cloud-based solution that empowered the client with a new set of functionalities and features, and guaranteed data consistency.

Our extensive data management and database development experience allowed us to provide StanCERA with thorough data analysis, reconciliation, and transformation services to leverage large volume of data transactions and increase system efficiency.

IST provided a range of cybersecurity services and resources to StanCERA focusing on operational resilience, cybersecurity practices, organizational management of external dependencies, and other key elements of a robust and resilient cyber framework. We helped our client manage cyber risks, strengthen defenses, and implement preventative measures.

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